Tips For Repairing A Leaky Skylight

Nine times out of ten, having a skylight in your home can be a source of beauty. The natural sunlight can enhance a room and keep a room warm on a nice day, but the tenth time is often when the skylight is a source of frustration because it leaks.

Skylights are essentially a hole in your roof covered by glass, so when it rains really hard, water can build up on the top of the light and then leak inside around the edges. This is common for residential skylights. San Antonio TX has this problem as do other places where rainfall can be sporadic.

Sometimes skylights are not leaking at all, but are instead forming condensation which happens when warm air hits the cold skylight and then that air turns into water a drips down to disguise itself as a leak. Reduce the humidity of the room to stop this from happening.

If the problem is a real leak, often it’s because the seal holding the glass to the roof isn’t as strong as it needs to be. The leaky spot will need to be located first and then you’ll need to climb up to the roof for an easy DIY fix.

By lifting the shingles of the roof that are around the leak, you can use a caulking gun that is loaded with cement to see the spot where the sides of the skylight meet and reapply the cement to fill in the holes, pressing down on the shingles to seal the hole tight.

residential skylights. San Antonio TX

Then the next time rain comes, you can check to ensure that the cement is holding and that the repair is complete. If it still leaks then try again or be sure to contact a repairman and inform him of the work you’ve done.